The Dirty Apple

•July 21, 2009 • 2 Comments

Most of you will probably not be aware that I do a bit of singing when I can. As a matter of fact I have been appearing professionally with Opera Queensland for over 6 years now on a regular basis. My latest project with them is an exciting contemporary youth opera called “The Dirty Apple” – presented as part of the Q150 celebrations. Of course I am not the”youth” part but play a dual role as headmaster and counsellor. Anyway, I have to say that I am very proud of how well the show has been received and how the entire cast have performed. What a troupe they are!!

It is a real honour to work with such talented young people and I am sure that you will see some of their names headlining major productions here and overseas in the years to come. I guarantee it.

The show is on at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre until saturday July 25th. It is NOT your usual opera! The audiences and reviewers have gone nuts over it and I believe it heralds a new era for the genre. Look out!



A busy few months…

•June 16, 2009 • 2 Comments

It has been a busy few months with a fair amount of upheaval for me. Consequently I have not had much chance to blog but I daresay there is not a huge audience who have noticed.

Suffice to say, I was unexpectedly sacked from a good job I had held for the last 2 years and I have been frantically trying to fill the gap and make ends meet. In the long run it will no doubt prove to be a benefit but at the moment it has raised  a few difficulties. Thankfully I have found some casual work to tide me over but I am sure there are many out there who are suffering a similar fate due to the economic downturn and you all have my sympathy. In some ways being “under employed” is worse than unemployed as there are no benefits or safety nets as you struggle on your own.

Anyway… life goes on and so will I.

there are big plans afoot for the “beevo” and it may be a good opportunity to make the most of  the extra free time to kick a few ideas around.

Keep Smilin’!

Motorsport and other interests….

•April 3, 2009 • 2 Comments












I know this blog has had a political spin to it mostly but in a not-so-unrelated-as-you-think way I would like to digress a little.

A few weeks back I took my little Honda Civic out for a Sunday drive to Mt Cotton (Qld of course) to compete in the hillclimb. (picture)

This is a great day out for families if you are a bit of a motorsport enthusiast. Very low-key and a huge variety of vehicles from open wheelers to minis. There are classes for your “daily drive” road registered cars as well as extreme racing types and the whole thing is very safe and extremely exhilarating. Anybody can do it . The folks at the MG Car Club (  …Qld of course) own and run this track which has quite a long and interesting history. What I really like, apart from the driving, is the family atmosphere and lovely shady hollow that the track inhabits. This is a relatively small-scale event so there are no crowds to battle. Parking is easy,  close and free. Entry is free !  Food is healthy, cheap and served with a smile.. This is grass-roots motorsport – at a club level where it all began. Even if you only dropped in for an hour or two there are cars on the track nearly every minute of the day from 0800-16:00. (check dates – on about every second month)

I was lucky enough to scrape into second place in my class but that has made me hungry for more. There is always a lot to learn and due to the high number of entries you only get about 4 runs (at just over a minute each) but it all feels worth it. I am hoping to improve over the next 5 rounds or so to be held throughout the year. It is great to meet nice people with a common interest, test your skill and experience being a real race driver for a day!

I highly recommend it.

This morning I got to thinking that there a so many of us out there with our own special interest groups or clubs and activities that it would be great to celebrate this important part of lifestyle. We are lucky to live in a time and place where these things are accessible to everyday folks such as we are and not the exclusive right of the higher earners. What I think is often missed is just how much positive input these club and social activities have and how they benefit our great state as a whole. Even though interests are fractured and diverse there is a cohesion to the whole club activity thing that unites great numbers of us. Whether it is trekking off to the kids soccer or netball, discussing the Book of the Month or revving your engines it is the balance that these things bring to our lives that  oils the wheels of our social machinery.

Sadly, there does not seem to be enough open and obvious involvement from government and industry in supporting and promoting our local club activities. These are not frivolous or unnecessary activities. On the contrary, they are really the reason WHY we work hard. These are things we choose to do in our own time that make life worth living and sacrifices worth the making. Families and communities are drawn together and held together. I have no doubt that association with others like this helps reduce family breakdowns and makes us healthier both physically and mentally. They serve to bind communities and reduce crime by caring, sharing and looking out for one another. In short, society would be tangibly poorer without them.

If you have a similar experience then please feel free to share it… especially if it is a little out of the ordinary. I would like to see the government get behind our clubs and associations and put a little back in to the mix to keep these things growing. What do you think?