The Dirty Apple

Most of you will probably not be aware that I do a bit of singing when I can. As a matter of fact I have been appearing professionally with Opera Queensland for over 6 years now on a regular basis. My latest project with them is an exciting contemporary youth opera called “The Dirty Apple” – presented as part of the Q150 celebrations. Of course I am not the”youth” part but play a dual role as headmaster and counsellor. Anyway, I have to say that I am very proud of how well the show has been received and how the entire cast have performed. What a troupe they are!!

It is a real honour to work with such talented young people and I am sure that you will see some of their names headlining major productions here and overseas in the years to come. I guarantee it.

The show is on at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre until saturday July 25th. It is NOT your usual opera! The audiences and reviewers have gone nuts over it and I believe it heralds a new era for the genre. Look out!



~ by beevo on July 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Dirty Apple”

  1. Wow, opera, never figured you for that. Rev head and opera singer. That’s a surprise, good luck with the project.

  2. Full of surprises for sure! I also fly planes (when I am not broke) and design theatre technical systems.

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