biggles1Glad to live in Queensland – the capitol of Australia ;), I work professionally in technical design and do a bit of professional opera singing (when the work is available) and a bit of flying (when the money is available) and a bit of car club motorsports (when the time is available).
I enjoy photography but seem to lack the time and inclination I once had to be creative. I try to keep my hand in and the digital age helps a lot there. (masthead photo by me is the whispering gallery-St Pauls in London 2008) I do miss the darkroom though as it always held some mystique, especially for those who know the classic movie of the 60’s; “Blowup”. I love travel but have done precious little overseas roaming. London in September this year (2008) was a treat and work-related. I couldn’t afford it otherwise.
My wife says I have a lot to say so maybe politics is a good choice for the latter part of my career. Did she mean it as a compliment?!
See what you think…


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Beevo,

    Regarding your response to Bartlett’s piece about Phil Glendenning’s documentary, ‘A well-founded fear’, I recommend you read Phil’s ‘Deported to Danger’ via the Edmund Rice Centre website http://www.erc.org.au/, and also research Julian Burnside QC’s work with refugees and asylum seekers.

    Along with Phil and many others who refuse to be complicit in this disgrace (and who have battled a largely hostile government and an indifferent fourth estate), Julian is a staunch advocate for refugee and human rights and has worked tirelessly (gratis) to bring Australia’s shameful treatment and incarceration of those who are legally entitled to seek asylum here to the forefront of the nations consciousness.

    You can find out more on: http://www.thejusticeproject.com.au/ and also via the A Just Australia website: http://www.ajustaustralia.com/home.php

    Krista McClelland

  2. Thanks Krista… I will check it out

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