There can be no doubt that our education system is severely troubled. A lot has been said about the woes of our youth and their struggles or lack of performance against proposed national standards but there is a silent victim that does not get much airplay. Day by day we are losing our most vital resource;  Teachers.

Teachers are burning out at an alarming rate and dropping out of the system. These are seasoned and experienced professionals who are difficult to replace and they are leaving a  huge hole in the fabric  of our schools.  The sad thing is that they are not getting the support they need from their administrators and fellow workers. They are left feeling isoalted and alone or worse, ineffective and weak or chasing some compensation. This is often the last straw and many will suffer permanent psychological damage.

What can be so hard about teaching? Well the teaching is not the problem. The issue at hand is class behaviour. This is becoming a nightmare for teachers as students are getting the upper hand and teachers spend more and more of their time managing poor behaviour. There is increasing threat, intimidation and physical harassment.

Without labouring this point I am looking for practical answers. I want to build a framework for an education policy and plan that really works. I am sure we can turn this around if we can find the key and have the courage to implement the required change. As I have said elsewhere, money seems to be easy to deliver to the education system but actual solutions do not seem to be rolling out of Canberra.

My blog is primarily Queensland focussed but we are happy to hear from anyone anywhere with a similar story. Best of all we want any success stories you can muster.

Please post comments below… good luck.


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